Jul 09, 2020

Did you know that the existing covenants which we agreed to when we purchased our homes prohibits parking of house trailors or boat trailors in our driveways and no commercial vehicles should be parked in the driveways overnight.  Parking of any vehicle overnight on any road is also prohibited. All properties must be maintained which includes cutting of lawns and weeding of flower beds.

All improvements to our homesites must be approved by the Architectural Control Board Committee or the ACB.  New pools, new out buildings,  changes to driveways,  fencing, sheds, etc. are all in this category.  If you are painting your home the same colors as originally was painted it is not necessary to request a meeting witrh the ACB. A change in trim color or house color needs to notify the ACB.

Copy of the Current Covenants.

Copy of the Rules & Regulations

Copy of the Current By Laws.


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2017-05- 22